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    /  \_/  \ 
  .' /     \ `.
 / _|       |_ \
(_/ |       | \_)
    \       /
   ~;/     \;~


Hi, I’m Markus, computer scientist and software engineer.

After recently having received my PhD (Dr. rer. nat.), I’m currently working in the Machine Learning group as part of the “Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology” (CITEC).

My PhD research focused on efficient grouping methods for the annotation and sorting of single cells where I developed and adapted novel machine learning techniques in the context of large-scale biological data.

Before and during my studies, I have also worked as a professional software engineer. I have been fortunate to apply my knowledge in an international context, most notably at Illumina Ltd. (Cambridge, UK), at the BC Cancer Agency (Vancouver, CA) and in collaboration with the DOE Joint Genome Institue (Walnut Creek, USA).

You may contact me via mail: mAS=)§(“ldz8(-lqu%$Waox@ml=AD”!fa1.net

Please use my GnuPG key.

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